bout this entire text> "I’m so very outgoing and comfortable with who I am. but it sucks that when I’m around someone I actually have feelings for, it’s harder for me to act my true self because I’m scared of making or saying one thing and fucking it all up. and at this point I feel like I already did. I’m really just so awkward and I can’t help myself(...)" my god it is poetry. i identify with this so much. thank you for posting! can u make it able to reblog?

wow! thanks!! yes I will :)

Hi, Im pretty shy and you're absolutely beautiful, you seem like such a dope chick, would love to take you to a knick game

aww thanks lol

Brooke, Do you miss Henry?

very hard question because we have both clearly moved on… but do I miss him? no but I do miss talking to him. especially because we would have almost made a year in a couple weeks. sometimes I do wish we could just talk and chill. but that’s never really going to happen


can I get some questionssss